Got me through it!

I would highly recommend scuba Phil as your scuba training instructor! I was terrified of water but Phil patiently worked with me and talked me through each step that I was nervous about. Yesterday I completed the certification thanks to Phil for making it an amazing experience and making me way more confident in the water now!

Macie R

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Lots of patience

Phil is a great instructor that has got me through Open Water and is currently instructing me through the Advanced Open Water training.  The training has been great and very informative for me.  My original certification was back in the 70’s and a lot has changed since then.  I look forward to completing this training and going forward with specialty dives and group trips.  Everyone that I have met through Phil has been helpful and very accommodating.  Great instructor with lots of patience for us slow kids.  Thanks a lot Phil.

Scott C

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Takes care of students!


"I recently got my open water certification with Phil and had an amazing time!  Despite the cold December weather, Phil took good care of the students and would go the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and safe.  He took the time to explain the importance of each skill which definitely helped prepare me for my open water tests.  The entire experience was well worth it, and I would highly recommend Scuba Phil to anyone who’s interested in all levels of diving."


Thanks for everything, and happy holidays!  Enjoy Hawaii!



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Wonderful instructor!

I have been planning my trip to Belize for a few months and never really thought about the huge part of going to Belize which is the amazing scuba diving that there is. So upon encouragement from friends and basically everyone telling me I'd be crazy to miss out on that once in a lifetime opportunity of scuba diving in an amazing location, I contacted Phil. I was very last minute (about 2 weeks before I left for Belize) in contacting him. I was so grateful he was able to squeeze me in and accommodate around my crazy work schedule. He was amazing in his patience when going through the drills, which was great for me considering I had a couple moments of freaking out and my nerves got the better of me. But Phil patiently waited for me to do each drill at my own pace and achieve them. He never pushed me or made me bad when I had to do a couple of the drills a second time because I freaked out doing them the first time. He just went with it and when I was comfortable and composed he let me try it again and I knocked those drills out! He has a very easy going leisurely way he goes through the water when he dives and that makes for a very comfortable person to dive with because you just feel at ease because he's at ease. I look forward to diving with him again and going for my Advanced Open Water Dive certification. I appreciate Phil's friends, Eileen and Todd, who came out and dived with us and really made it a fun dive with all the stories both Phil and Todd had of places to go and things to do when I am in Belize. Also Phil always encourages any other divers to come out anytime and dive with him and his students or just whenever. So my friend Adam, Phil's former student, came and dove with us as well. Its all a big family feeling and I am really excited to now be a member of this amazing dive community 😊.

Jordan Taylor

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Always wanted to learn to dive!

October 2, 2016

Learning to scuba dive has always been one of my passions but could never find the time to knock it out with being so busy. But now since the kids are grown up I figured it was time to get it done. I have always loved the ocean and the water in general. I have grown up snorkeling but could never stay down long enough and know I can do what I have always wanted to do, stay down and explore. Phil was very accommodating with my busy schedule and made it very easy to get everything done. He also has a great group of friends which help him out at the lake and they really make you feel welcome. I would highly recommend Phil and his team to anyone who wants to explore the underwater world.

I look forward to my next adventure and will be pursuing AOW, Rescue, and Master courses with Phil.

Jason Harris

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Bucket list check off!

Learning to Scuba dive has been on my bucket list for years. Many people want to do it but have the fear of having to learn all the stuff to stay safe under water. Phil and his team make it so fun and easy to learn, even the most difficult of tasks to learn with practice become easy. As a professional, time isn't easy to find and Phil works with your schedule. So you can pick your pace. Super fast or Super slow.
I would recommend Phil and his team to anyone wanting to learn how to scuba dive. The whole group becomes a type of family. A scuba family that you can go on and travel with around the world. Price is affordable and honestly I'm upset I didn't do this earlier in my life. Thanks Phil. You made me feel comfortable under the water and I will always remember your 5 top rules!!

Joe Altree

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Great instructor!

Phil is by far one of the best scuba instructors I've had the pleasure of diving with. Phil made my diving class not only informative but fun also. Phil is very patient when teaching, and will go over something with you till YOU get it. A calm & collected dive instructor make for a calm & collected dive student. So if your looking to learn how to scuba or want to take the next step in your dive future, I highly recommend Phil.


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Great Experience!

Phil was awesome!! We came to Vegas for the week and scheduled our Open Water Scuba Certification with him a few months in advance. Everything was seamless and we got our certification in 3 days (after all the book work at home)! Phil made it fun while making sure to set us up for a safe diving future. I would highly recommend booking him for your next PADI Scuba Certification!

Allison Turner

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Just great!

This guy is a rockstar!!  He makes classes a lot of fun and easy and to understand plus he gets how nervous you can be starting out, is patient with you and always emphasizes safety.  He is super easy going and and easy to talk to and doesn't try and "sell" you on taking classes.  He has a great group of students that have been certified by him that he organizes fun trips for both here in Vegas and then awesome weekends away and even does a trip to Cozumel!


Juliet Kennedy

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Helpful & Flexable

I recently certified with Scuba Phil when preparing for a trip to Mexico. I had three weeks to get it done, Phil worked with me to make sure I was ready and certified for my trip. I struggled with a few things and Phil helped set me up for some extra pool time to make sure I got the skills down. Really enjoyed learning to scuba dive. Thank you Phil.

Mary Witmer

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Awesome Instructor!

My 10 year old son got certified in less than 3 weeks: half day for content, 2 - half days for pool session, and 2- full days for the lake dive. Phil is very accommodating and flexible on scheduling the sessions.  He was very thorough when he is teaching. My son was super comfortable with him during the pool and lake session. Most importantly, my son had a lot of fun getting certified with Phil.  I will definitely take my 8 yr old daughter to Phil when she's ready to take her Junior Open Water.

Thank you, Phil.

Happy bubbles,

Benincasa Family

Jasper, Flo, Jasper, and Sydney

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Phil is honest and fun.

I needed to finally accomplish my PADI cert this winter. I was working in Las Vegas for the winter and I'm preparing to lead a Boy Scout Troop on a week long scuba adventure in the Florida keys this summer. As a night shift nurse, I really had to search for an accommodating instructor. Phil was the ideal man. We would match schedules and find dates that worked with my shifts. I got my open water certification done efficiently and then took his advice and obtained my advanced open water.

In addition to being accommodating. Phil is honest and fun. I had a good time hanging out at the pool and then relaxing on the shore of the lake after my lake days. It is a genuinely fun experience and I would recommend him to anyone.

I can join him on one of his trips and spend some more time above and below the surface with him.

Thanks Phil.


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Works with your schedule!


My 10 year old son and I both took the Open Water Certification class, and Phil showed us the ropes with a very down to earth and patient demeanor.  My son and I both look forward to our dives with Phil, as he makes us feel very safe and comfortable setting up and using all the equipment and staying safe.  He showed us all the emergency procedures and how to avoid panicking through it, which in hindsight seems to be one of the most important abilities.  He made the class very practical and informative while making it fun as well; just don't forget Phil's five rules, they'll keep you safe!!  He completely worked around our schedule.  We are both glad to have taken this class through Phil.  Immediately once my daughter turns 10 years old, she will be getting certified through Phil as well; she/we can't wait!!  Thanks Phil, you are such an awesome instructor and great people person.  We look forward to the dives to come, and here's to lifelong SCUBA adventures!! 


Aaron and Alex Saiz

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I always felt safe and supported...

My son and I completed the Open Water certification with Phil this week. We had such a wonderful experience and are both looking forward to taking the Advanced Open Water Class very soon. Getting this certification with Phil was awesome!  He is knowledgeable, experienced, flexible, prepared, patient, and made learning fun.  I always felt safe and supported when practicing our skills. Phil's passion for teaching and diving is apparent in everything he does!  We are looking forward to our next adventure with ScubaPhil :)

Cindy Metzger

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Fantastic Experience!

I just received my scuba certification this past weekend and couldn’t be happier.  The experience was professional and safe.  Phil made you feel very comfortable and relaxed while underwater breathing through this round thing in your mouth (regulator).  It’s an experience that I would have never done, however my husband and older daughter was certified with Phil and only had good things to say, which convinced me to obtain my scuba certification.  I will be continuing with my advance class with Phil and my 13 year old will also start her certification class as I know Phil will be there every step of the way to ensure the safety of myself and my daughter.  Phil is the instructor you want.

My opinion:  Scuba can be a very dangerous sport without the correct training and you will learn to keep yourself and your diving buddy safe so you can enjoy the adventures and beauty that scuba has to offer. 

Big Mahalo to Phil

Julie Atkinson

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Memorable, safe, and fun!!

On my first encounter with the great blue and beyond in Oahu I had met Phil in which I had completed my Open Water Certification. After that vacation I wanted to learn more and see more. Phil had made that class and experience so fun, and had teaching methods that really stuck. Once I had my Open Water Cert I had to move onto the Advanced Open Water Certification. Phil had explained and encourage the specialty dive classes and that struck my interest extremely. Thanks to Phil I have been certified in Underwater Navigation, Wreck Diver, and Deep Diver specialty certifications. Because of Phil I have made so many great memories and have seen so many great things. The most memorable dive with Phil was a wreck dive in Oahu called “the Sea Tiger”. It blew my mind! He makes sure the entire time that you will see everything and be safe. Now I am looking forward to the dive trip to Cozumel in 2016.

Phil takes the time and effort to make sure that you are safe and comfortable, and have a complete understanding of what you are about to do and how to execute. He goes above and beyond the call of a dive instructor to make sure that you have a great and memorable experience. I recommend Phil to all my friends and family for the best diving experience of their lives! Thanks Phil!

Sierra Granger, Specialty Diver #12090B7042

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Outstanding Learning Experience!

Once I dove the Bardados crystal lagoons on my Scuba baptism three years ago, I was hooked!  As a result, completing my Open Water Certification became a priority.

Shortly after I returned home, I met with Phil as my Open Water instructor.  From our first encounter and on, Phil has delivered high professionalism, fun learning environments and a genuine friendship.  I particularly love his teaching methods, which are straightforward and highly enlightening for a lasting impact.  Accompanying me from my Open Water through Rescue Certifications, and currently completing speciality classes for my Master Scuba skills, Phil became an essential part of my Scuba Diving journey.   And more to come in Cozumel 2015!

I strongly recommend Phil to anyone willing to explore all Scuba Diving possibilities with lots of fun in the process!

Arnaud Berthoux, Rescue Diver #14010E0559

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