Fantastic Experience!

I just received my scuba certification this past weekend and couldn’t be happier.  The experience was professional and safe.  Phil made you feel very comfortable and relaxed while underwater breathing through this round thing in your mouth (regulator).  It’s an experience that I would have never done, however my husband and older daughter was certified with Phil and only had good things to say, which convinced me to obtain my scuba certification.  I will be continuing with my advance class with Phil and my 13 year old will also start her certification class as I know Phil will be there every step of the way to ensure the safety of myself and my daughter.  Phil is the instructor you want.

My opinion:  Scuba can be a very dangerous sport without the correct training and you will learn to keep yourself and your diving buddy safe so you can enjoy the adventures and beauty that scuba has to offer. 

Big Mahalo to Phil

Julie Atkinson

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