Memorable, safe, and fun!!

On my first encounter with the great blue and beyond in Oahu I had met Phil in which I had completed my Open Water Certification. After that vacation I wanted to learn more and see more. Phil had made that class and experience so fun, and had teaching methods that really stuck. Once I had my Open Water Cert I had to move onto the Advanced Open Water Certification. Phil had explained and encourage the specialty dive classes and that struck my interest extremely. Thanks to Phil I have been certified in Underwater Navigation, Wreck Diver, and Deep Diver specialty certifications. Because of Phil I have made so many great memories and have seen so many great things. The most memorable dive with Phil was a wreck dive in Oahu called “the Sea Tiger”. It blew my mind! He makes sure the entire time that you will see everything and be safe. Now I am looking forward to the dive trip to Cozumel in 2016.

Phil takes the time and effort to make sure that you are safe and comfortable, and have a complete understanding of what you are about to do and how to execute. He goes above and beyond the call of a dive instructor to make sure that you have a great and memorable experience. I recommend Phil to all my friends and family for the best diving experience of their lives! Thanks Phil!

Sierra Granger, Specialty Diver #12090B7042

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