Outstanding Learning Experience!

Once I dove the Bardados crystal lagoons on my Scuba baptism three years ago, I was hooked!  As a result, completing my Open Water Certification became a priority.

Shortly after I returned home, I met with Phil as my Open Water instructor.  From our first encounter and on, Phil has delivered high professionalism, fun learning environments and a genuine friendship.  I particularly love his teaching methods, which are straightforward and highly enlightening for a lasting impact.  Accompanying me from my Open Water through Rescue Certifications, and currently completing speciality classes for my Master Scuba skills, Phil became an essential part of my Scuba Diving journey.   And more to come in Cozumel 2015!

I strongly recommend Phil to anyone willing to explore all Scuba Diving possibilities with lots of fun in the process!

Arnaud Berthoux, Rescue Diver #14010E0559

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