Wonderful instructor!

I have been planning my trip to Belize for a few months and never really thought about the huge part of going to Belize which is the amazing scuba diving that there is. So upon encouragement from friends and basically everyone telling me I'd be crazy to miss out on that once in a lifetime opportunity of scuba diving in an amazing location, I contacted Phil. I was very last minute (about 2 weeks before I left for Belize) in contacting him. I was so grateful he was able to squeeze me in and accommodate around my crazy work schedule. He was amazing in his patience when going through the drills, which was great for me considering I had a couple moments of freaking out and my nerves got the better of me. But Phil patiently waited for me to do each drill at my own pace and achieve them. He never pushed me or made me bad when I had to do a couple of the drills a second time because I freaked out doing them the first time. He just went with it and when I was comfortable and composed he let me try it again and I knocked those drills out! He has a very easy going leisurely way he goes through the water when he dives and that makes for a very comfortable person to dive with because you just feel at ease because he's at ease. I look forward to diving with him again and going for my Advanced Open Water Dive certification. I appreciate Phil's friends, Eileen and Todd, who came out and dived with us and really made it a fun dive with all the stories both Phil and Todd had of places to go and things to do when I am in Belize. Also Phil always encourages any other divers to come out anytime and dive with him and his students or just whenever. So my friend Adam, Phil's former student, came and dove with us as well. Its all a big family feeling and I am really excited to now be a member of this amazing dive community 😊.

Jordan Taylor

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