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My 10 year old son and I both took the Open Water Certification class, and Phil showed us the ropes with a very down to earth and patient demeanor.  My son and I both look forward to our dives with Phil, as he makes us feel very safe and comfortable setting up and using all the equipment and staying safe.  He showed us all the emergency procedures and how to avoid panicking through it, which in hindsight seems to be one of the most important abilities.  He made the class very practical and informative while making it fun as well; just don't forget Phil's five rules, they'll keep you safe!!  He completely worked around our schedule.  We are both glad to have taken this class through Phil.  Immediately once my daughter turns 10 years old, she will be getting certified through Phil as well; she/we can't wait!!  Thanks Phil, you are such an awesome instructor and great people person.  We look forward to the dives to come, and here's to lifelong SCUBA adventures!! 


Aaron and Alex Saiz

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