Dress Code?

Ok gang more info... John pointed out (see pic) about the restaurants (just the italian and Mexican NOT,the buffet) at resort... It says long sleeve shirts? (Well I'm not wearing long sleeve shirts in the sub tropics!) I will be bringing polo like shirts (has collar) it says no shorts I bring pants that u can take off the legs (zippered) and make them into shorts... Says closed toe shoes (no sneakers) I wear the shoes (I'll be wearing to chow) on the plane:

So I don't have to pack them... Not sure how many times we/you will have dinner at these places (I'd like to try them at least once) it's up to you! The buffet is not an issue.. I know this different then Hotel Cozumel (for those who whet last year) but! I'm sure they're just trying to make it a nice environment.

18 days & counting :-)