Makes sure you know what your doing!

If you want a quality instructor and a damn good price go to Phil. Seriously. He actually makes sure you know what you're doing. I certified years ago with another shop, but after booking a week long SCUBA trip to Cozumel I needed a refresher. I opted to do the entire course with Phil since my wife needed certified anyway. It was absolutely worth it. Phil is no nonsense. Don't be intimidated, he just wants to makes sure you do it right. I've never felt more safe or confident underwater. 

My wife and I have gone shore diving on our own several times thanks to Phil's training. We learned how to properly set up gear, navigate under water, and had 5 essential rules drilled into our head. 

Thanks again Phil, we've had several compliments from dive masters who are shocked to find out we've only been diving for a short time. We're never a liability under water. Take your safety and education into your own hands and certify with Phil.

Keyla M

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