Scuba in Vegas?

Scuba certification in Vegas?! Yea that's the reaction I got from everyone when they heard I was getting certified for my upcoming trip to Belize....I was really nervous about scuba diving just because I am the worst mouth breather there is and as soon as my nose is blocked I feel like I'm suffocating. Phil took his time and at the same time pushed me when I was just in my own head psyching myself out. What really helped was letting me take home the equipment to practice in my pool at home between the 2 pool days. While doing anything in Lake Mead is never on my bucket list, the 2 days of open water dives was done with minimal fear and finally certification completion..... When Phil gave me that final high five saying congrats on completing your Padi certification after my final CESA skill there was such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Scuba Phil and his crew if you're in Vegas and wanting to get certified safely. 

Angie V. 

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