Works with your schedule!

I signed up for open water when Phil was at Sport Chalet, and they screwed us both over. No wonder they closed. Anyway, Phil is an awesome instructor. My work schedule can be quite crazy, but for any class I have done he is always willing to work with me. I just finished my Rescue Diver certification with him, and an planning on working on Divemaster next. I will stay with Phil and his tribe as long as he is diving. I have seen him work with many students, and he can easily adapt and teach how ever they need to learn. He is always making people feel really comfortable and safe in the water. His tribe is just as awesome, and they a lot of times are out diving when he is doing classes. I have recommended him to my friends and family as well. He has such great experience in diving, and I am very happy to have found him as an instructor. Plus, he also rents gear if you need it and it is good gear. Not crappy stuff that some other dive shops in town have. If I did not have my own gear, I would still be renting from him.

Phil B. 

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