Covers all the bases!

Phil is the MAN! I just finished his Open Water Scuba Certification class and am extremely happy with the experience. Highly recommend. When choosing where to get certified, you should consider your safety, the cost, scheduling flexibility & fun. Phil's class checks all of the boxes.

SAFETY - Most importantly, Phil is a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor. He prioritizes students' safety above all else. He makes sure you understand the risks involved with scuba and teaches you the skills to mitigate these risks.

COST - Excellent price, and Phil was upfront about all of the costs. You will pay Tuition for the short class session, pool session, and 2 days of diving. Bring your own mask/snorkel/fins/boots and pay for the PADI course book separate from tuition.

SCHEDULING FLEXIBILITY - I am heading to Cyprus and needed to get certified within 1.5 weeks. Other dive shops in Las Vegas could not accommodate my busy schedule, but Phil was very flexible and worked with me to get certified in a short time period without compromising the skills I needed to learn.

FUN - I had a fantastic time learning from Phil.  He will push you to learn the necessary skills (in a good way) and I will never forget my first time breathing under water! After his class, I am eager for my dives in Cyprus.

TIPS - Be on time to class, invest in a nice mask and bring Phil a beer for after the dive :)

Carly H

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