Great instruction!

Became Open Water Certified and I am now working on Advanced Open Water with Phil. On my Open Water dives, Phil had a group of experienced divers with us. This made the diver to student ratio very low as well as the time between dives enjoyable to answer questions, hear stories, learn about other locations and experiences.
Phil is demanding but will not push you into something you are not comfortable with. He will explain the steps you need to learn and then give you the opportunity to ask questions and with no questions, he will then show you the step in the water and then it is your turn. Phil is easy to work with and will answer any question you may have and work with your schedule to complete certification.
During certification the other experienced divers mentioned Phil had the best prices in Las Vegas. After certifying, I checked and Phil's prices are the best that I was able to find. I had used recommendations of other people as well as Yelp ratings and did not check prices, prior to certification.

I definitely recommend Phil and look forward to further certification and future dive trips.


Matt B

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