He knows his stuff!

With a trip to Cozemel planned, my boyfriend contacted a Scuba Phil to arrange my open water scuba certification.  My boyfriend did open water training the year before and was very happy with the course and training. 

After a trip to the dive shop to get my own snorkel,  mask, fins and course packet, I was ready for class. The first part of the class happens at phil's home and is book work and testing. He knows his stuff.  He'll go over everything at the pace you need, help make sense of the science of diving and get you feeling reasonably confident to do your first dive in the pool. The pool we used was at a dive center in Henderson. All went well so Kingman Wash on the Arizona side of Lake Mead was next. 

Our Lake experience was exhilarating.  Phil made sure the 3 of us completing certification that day were focused, safe and comfortable in the skills we learned.  Re, his female instructor, was a patient, sweet balance that day which was easily helpful to me and the other young gal on the course.  We all passed!

Something that you don't realize at first with Phil,  you're not just learning how to scuba, stay safe and have fun.  You're getting the opportunity to dive into a whole new community of Las Vegas.  A tight- knit family of desert divers.  They all continue to teach you, support you and become your friend.  The weekend after my cert, I found myself in Laughlin diving a shipwreck with Phil, Re and 8 other experienced divers. It was incredible! My boyfriend and I are invited again to Lake Mead this weekend.  Not paying for diving guide tours, just renting (or buying our own) equipment and joining new friends to dive.  How cool is that?!

Thanks,  Phil and Re!

Nichole S. 

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Overcoming fears/Personal growth

Scuba Phil is absolutely amazing. I am a veterinary student and needed a scuba certification to work in zoo medicine. The book work doesn’t take long to finish and the practices tests really prepare you for the final exam. Phil and his Dive Master Re! were great teachers and helped me when I had a panic attack while out at the lake, they were very patient with me and I was able to overcome my fear and obtain my Open water diver certification. So if I can do it, anyone can do it! Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Kim M. 

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Very Responsive!

Don't hesitate to contact Phil!...Being from out of town and wanting to get my Open Water Certification for me and my girlfriend while we were in Las Vegas, I came across Phil after some research and I'm glad we did!Phil was very responsive when I contacted him and answered all my questions and was very helpful with everything...He's great at working with your schedule (it's actually his specialty and what sets him apart from the others) and does everything he can to help you reach your goal and does his best to work with whatever your schedule you may have, which was great since we were from out of town and had limited time. Safety is the most important thing and he takes it very seriously! He is very upfront and straight forward with you to help get the most out of you, but he never risks your safety and works within your limits while helping you improve.
He's a great instructor and I'm glad we found him...He goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and I look forward to getting together whenever we're in town for some fun diving with him and increasing my experience.....So don't hesitate to contact Phil for whatever scuba diving needs you may have!

James B. 

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Nothing but great things!

Nothing but great things to say about scubaphil and tribe. Very knowledgeable and works with all skill and comfort levels. Accomedates busy work schedules to make getting certified an easy and painless endeavor. My girlfriend and I are definately going back to Phil for our advanced ow cert. His prices can't be beat and is worth every penny. Special thanks also to Phil's tribe Julie, Rea, Czech Phil and Douglas. Thanks again for a great experience.

Chris P. 

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Best five experience!

By far the best five experience you could get!

I was in a bind, this gorgeous girl wanted to dive Mantas in Hawaii, and i needed a scuba cert to be her dive buddy - but only had a week until the trip!

Phil got me setup with the online learning program right away, and scheduled dives within a really tight timeframe to help me out. He's a miracle worker.

Class with him was awesome, informative, great gear, safe, and efficient. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the experience. Very comfortable in the water, he taught things smoothly and to my level.

If you don't want to deal with the commercialization and pricing of massive dive shops and also want a super chill instructor that knows what he's doing, Phil is absolutely the guy you want to go to!

Jeff D

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Covers all the bases!

Phil is the MAN! I just finished his Open Water Scuba Certification class and am extremely happy with the experience. Highly recommend. When choosing where to get certified, you should consider your safety, the cost, scheduling flexibility & fun. Phil's class checks all of the boxes.

SAFETY - Most importantly, Phil is a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor. He prioritizes students' safety above all else. He makes sure you understand the risks involved with scuba and teaches you the skills to mitigate these risks.

COST - Excellent price, and Phil was upfront about all of the costs. You will pay Tuition for the short class session, pool session, and 2 days of diving. Bring your own mask/snorkel/fins/boots and pay for the PADI course book separate from tuition.

SCHEDULING FLEXIBILITY - I am heading to Cyprus and needed to get certified within 1.5 weeks. Other dive shops in Las Vegas could not accommodate my busy schedule, but Phil was very flexible and worked with me to get certified in a short time period without compromising the skills I needed to learn.

FUN - I had a fantastic time learning from Phil and diving in Lake Mead. He will push you to learn the necessary skills (in a good way) and I will never forget my first time breathing under water! After his class, I am eager for my dives in Cyprus.

TIPS - Be on time to class, invest in a nice mask and bring Phil a beer for after the dive :)

Carly H

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Had a Blast!

Scuba Phil is the man!! Incredible amount of knowledge and experience in scuba diving. Was referred to him by a good friend and I will definitely continue to recommend Phil. He knew I was on a bit of a time crunch before leaving for a trip and he accommodated my schedule very well. Had a blast and can't wait to continue my diver training with Scuba Phil! Thank you again!

Maison D

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Super knowledgeable

You literally could not find a better scuba instructor. He is super knowledgeable and very helpful. On top of his affordable prices, he goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and you're safe. He was able to work with my crazy schedule and make time for me. I'm moving to Costa Rica very soon and I'm so glad I was able to get my PADI done here in Vegas because it would be so much more expensive out there. Even though it was extremely cold out at the lake during December, he made sure to provide all of us with wetsuits and gear to keep us warm. He's very friendly and is serious about your safety. I love supporting independent businesses rather than larger companies and I'm so fortunate I stumbled upon this opportunity.

Charlie S

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Great instruction!

Became Open Water Certified and I am now working on Advanced Open Water with Phil. On my Open Water dives, Phil had a group of experienced divers with us. This made the diver to student ratio very low as well as the time between dives enjoyable to answer questions, hear stories, learn about other locations and experiences.
Phil is demanding but will not push you into something you are not comfortable with. He will explain the steps you need to learn and then give you the opportunity to ask questions and with no questions, he will then show you the step in the water and then it is your turn. Phil is easy to work with and will answer any question you may have and work with your schedule to complete certification.
During certification the other experienced divers mentioned Phil had the best prices in Las Vegas. After certifying, I checked and Phil's prices are the best that I was able to find. I had used recommendations of other people as well as Yelp ratings and did not check prices, prior to certification.

I definitely recommend Phil and look forward to further certification and future dive trips.


Matt B

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I got scuba gear and certification for my husband as his birthday present this year. My husband is a great swimmer whereas I've always been more of a land mammal, so to say. I can swim and have dove before. And I even partake in the occasional snorkel session on vacation.  But my comfort with water is kind of on par with my comfort of eating salads: I avoid it if I can.

I reached it to Phil based on the yelp reviews. He was responsive and instructed me to go pick up some gear and booklets from online Scuba. While at online Scuba, I learned that some of my fear around water could be alleviated with a better (and my own) mask. I bit the bullet and decided to get my own set of gear and give a try at getting certified.  The gear and booklets and Phil's lessons all felt super reasonable in terms of cost.

Phil was extremely efficient and easy to work with. He made sure the student to dive master ratios were always less than 3:1 if we went with a bigger group. He doesn't ramble, he explains things clearly, and he is super easy to work with. His semi-retired status meant he knows a lot about everything Scuba related.

We ended up getting certified over 3 days (2 weekends) in October. Phil provided us with thick wet suits and all the gear outside of mask snorkel and fins. We had a fantastic experience - even despite my reservations around being in water that long.

I've recommended Phil to my neighbors and coworkers so now recommending him to all!

Alice Z

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Scuba in Vegas?

Scuba certification in Vegas?! Yea that's the reaction I got from everyone when they heard I was getting certified for my upcoming trip to Belize....I was really nervous about scuba diving just because I am the worst mouth breather there is and as soon as my nose is blocked I feel like I'm suffocating. Phil took his time and at the same time pushed me when I was just in my own head psyching myself out. What really helped was letting me take home the equipment to practice in my pool at home between the 2 pool days. While doing anything in Lake Mead is never on my bucket list, the 2 days of open water dives was done with minimal fear and finally certification completion..... When Phil gave me that final high five saying congrats on completing your Padi certification after my final CESA skill there was such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Scuba Phil and his crew if you're in Vegas and wanting to get certified safely. 

Angie V. 

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Best Decision!

Getting certified with Phil was absolutely the best decision I could have made. I actually came in from out of state to certify with him because I read such great reviews online; I was not disappointed! Phil works at your speed, whether that's fast or slow, and is willing to work around a hectic schedule. He's genuinely a great guy and a great instructor. I always felt safe with him, even when I was learning a new skill or trying something I hadn't done before. He's very knowledgeable and is great at explaining things. I've already recommended him to family and friends, and would absolutely recommend certifying with him to anyone who is looking to dive. Whether you're young or old, experienced or not, go to scuba Phil for scuba certification and classes... you will not regret it! Thanks for everything, Phil! 


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PADI Open Water SCUBA Diver


I have been SCUBA diving before multiple times on cruises, but always having to sign up for the “intro to SCUBA” excursions.  My family decided to take a last-minute cruise to Mexico departing on July 23, 2017.  I contacted SCUBA Phil on July 10, 2017 to see if obtaining my PADI Open Water SCUBA Diver Certification was even feasible in this time frame to which he explained, not only could it be done but I could begin class on July 13, 2017 and be completed with my certification on July 16, 2017.  SCUBA Phil made the class fun and informative.  He was great with all his students making sure we all understood everything and why the topics were so important.  SCUBA Phil was patient with me when I had trouble removing and replacing my mask underwater.  I thoroughly enjoyed his class and look forward to taking more class with him soon.  I cannot wait to dive in Mexico with my certification.  Thank you again SCUBA Phil!

Ryan T.

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I received open water diver certification training from Phil. He is very professional and knowledgeable about all things diving. He makes you feel very safe under water. He is flexible with his time and patient with beginners. Phil is passionate about all things diving and I would recommend getting any diver certifications you're interested in from him. I agree with Pat K., he makes scuba diving fun! Thanks for making diving fun Phil!! 

Derek S.

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Just awesome!

In late November I was invited to go scuba diving right after the new year. I didn't have an open water certification, and with it being winter time I didn't know if I'd be able to find a place to get certified in time for the trip. Lucky for me Scuba Phil was around.

Phil was very accommodating. He helped me get everything I'd needed for the class, referring me to a great dive shop for gear and booklets. Once we finished reviewing the book and practicing in the pool we headed out to Lake Mead. His instruction made the entire process fun and easy. What I had thought would take a long time ended up only requiring three days.

The bottom line is if you want to learn how to scuba, call Phil. He knows what he's doing and he'll get you ready quickly and safely for your dive experience.

Thanks again Phil!

Ben D

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Incredible experience!

What an incredible experience!! Scuba Phil and his team were amazing.  Phil is professional and patient.  He makes you feel comfortable with each skill you learn before you begin the next step.  I would HIGHLY recommend Phil as an instructor.  You finish the course confident that you have the skills to be a safe diver.  Thanks to Phil I am excited about the adventures ahead.  THANK YOU!


David P

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Works with your schedule!

I signed up for open water when Phil was at Sport Chalet, and they screwed us both over. No wonder they closed. Anyway, Phil is an awesome instructor. My work schedule can be quite crazy, but for any class I have done he is always willing to work with me. I just finished my Rescue Diver certification with him, and an planning on working on Divemaster next. I will stay with Phil and his tribe as long as he is diving. I have seen him work with many students, and he can easily adapt and teach how ever they need to learn. He is always making people feel really comfortable and safe in the water. His tribe is just as awesome, and they a lot of times are out diving when he is doing classes. I have recommended him to my friends and family as well. He has such great experience in diving, and I am very happy to have found him as an instructor. Plus, he also rents gear if you need it and it is good gear. Not crappy stuff that some other dive shops in town have. If I did not have my own gear, I would still be renting from him.

Phil B. 

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